Spiritual Bath

Spiritual Bath


Spiritual, romantic and mysterious. It is all You can find in Mandala Bath 

5 different pools, Relaxing area with zero gravity swing, Bar with grean tea and flavoured water, Shower products,

are all included in all Mandala packeges.

1# basic package

4-hour bath entrance

(towels, slippers, bathrobe not included) 

8500 Ft 


2# VIP package

4-hour bath entrance (towel and slippers included)

With a glass of champagne 

12.500 Ft


3# Relaxing package

4 hours bathing (towel, slippers, robe included)

20 minutes - Zero gravity massage chair use

One glass of champagne

16.500 Ft


4# Peeling package

4-hour spa entrance (includes towel, slippers, robe)

20 minutes -Zero gravity massage chair use

Aroma peeling for personal use

Accompanied by a glass of champagne

19,500 Ft


5# Delicate Pleasures package

4-hour spa entrance (includes towel, slippers, robe)

20 min - Zero gravity massage chair use

Aroma peeling for personal use

Light sushi or salad

With a glass of champagne

24,500 Ft


6# Sauna session program (Night Program)

4-hour spa entrance including sauna sheets

3x sauna ritual 12 to 15 minutes

Welcome fruit 

towels, slippers not included,

13,900 Ft



The Bath is to treat luxury seekers. This is a place where you can step into a spiritual journey and enjoy our water treatments for your holistic rejuvenation.

All of your Senses will be delighted by hearing the mantras, seeing the relaxing videos and the unique lightening during sessions,

feeling by soaking into a warm bath or sipping a herbal tea at our Lounge.


Included in your ticket price one cabinet with slippers and towel and shower products.


Bath Facilities: 

* Romantic pool 29.

*Aquahealing pool 34-35

*Hot spring 37-38

*Cold plunge 16-17.

*Jacuzzi  35-36

* Finn sauna & Steam cabin. Relaxing area

* Bar with hot tea, flavour water and cold water



Special offer for Mandala Day Spa guests:
If you book a treatment at the Mandala Day Spa, you can get a discounted entrance to the Mandala Bath for only 4500 Huf.
For those who have booked a minimum treatment of 45.000 Huf, the entrance fee to the spa is free of charge.







 We kindly note that you can receive more information about us on Mandala Day Spa Bath official page