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Mandala Spiritual Bath

Mandala Spiritual Bath



Dear Guests,
According to the current pandemic restrictions Mandala Day Spa is still open and operating as for the treatments and massages.
The Bath area needs to be closed for the time being.
Keeping every required security measure we are still looking forward to all of our dear guests!


The Mandala Bath voucher can be used for Mandala Day Spa treatment, for same value.


We are deeply apologise the inconvenience, we hope to be able to reopen the Bath as soon as possible!


Best regards,

Mandala Day Spa team


If you are looking for an exclusive BATHS ! 

The Bath to treat luxury seekers. This is a place where you can step into a spiritual journey and enjoy our water treatments for your holistic rejuvenation.

All of your Senses will be delighted by hearing the mantras, seeing the relaxing videos and the unique lightening during sessions, feeling by soaking into a warm bath or floating at our warm sea salt pool, or sipping a herbal tea at our Lounge.


Use our special offers and enjoy your Spa time!



 We kindly note that you can receive more information about us on Mandala Day Spa Bath official page