Orient Event Space

Orient Event Space

In 2021, the Mandala Day Spa experience centre has expanded to an unrivalled new location, the Mandala Orient Holistic Center & Event Space!


This special venue is designed for workshops, yoga classes, concerts and rituals. We provide a home for both corporate and personal events. The Mandala Orient's unique interior design and event technology make it a unique venue for events. Thanks to the combination of the spa and the event space, it can accommodate events for up to several hundred people.




COMPANY EVENTS - An experience of a lifetime

Mandala Orient Holistic Center & Event Space is the perfect venue for corporate events. We provide a unique atmosphere and technical facilities for seated dinners, presentations, product launches, professional workshops, corporate training and team building events. We know the best speakers and programs that will give your guests the experience of a lifetime. Our lighting solutions can dress your venue in your company's corporate colours. Concentrated attention and learning can often take a lot out of you, so it's a good idea to end your courses with a relaxing spa or spa experience. This guarantees not only mental but also physical and mental refreshment.

PRIVATE EVENTS - Bringing all your dreams to life 

We love to turn every personal event into a celebration. Our event venue allows us to make every idea a reality.  Unique atmosphere, exotic ambience, combined with professional sound and lighting. Whether it's a birthday party, bachelorette party, meeting with friends, VIP gathering. On request, we can provide catering, drinks and all the other additional experiences and decorations that add to the exclusive execution of the event. We can open Orient Holistic Center & Event Space together with Mandala Spa, where you can combine your event with a unique spa experience.




LIFESTYLE WORKSHOPS- Everything in its entirety 

Mandala Orient Holistic Center & Event Space is committed to a holistic approach. We believe it is important to see the human being as a whole, as a complete system, and to provide a physical, mental and spiritual enrichment for all participants and organisers. Our venue is a special home for workshops, yoga classes, meditation events, energetic treatments, separate self-awareness groups, women's and men's circles, concerts and live shows. In addition to unique lighting technology, we provide professional sound equipment and projection. We also offer silent disco equipment.















Török Tina

Event Manager

Mobile: +36203817098

Email: orientevent@mandaladayspa.hu