Beauty & Slimming

Beauty & Slimming


Selvert Thermal by its luxury facial treatments created a revolutionary new treatment method that uses specific, luxury agents and treatment methods, require professional experience. For each step of the treatment, the required active substences are in mono-dose packages as well as the active substences built on one another, get into the skin step by step.

During the treatment, we care of manuality and pampering. Combining the best in products with relaxing protocols and massage therapies providing much more than a standard treatment, – simply try our prescriptive approach and you’ll be back for more!



 All the research and principle of the active ingredients developed in Genéve, Switzerland. Contact research and innovation play a decisive role in our DNA and therefore all our cosmetic lines have been formulated with the most effective and reliable active ingredient to achive a sublime and radiant skin. 

We invite you to discover the Universe of beauty and well being of Selvert Thermal in which YOU, for us play a decisive role!