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Beauty parlour

Beauty parlour

Germaine de Capuccini, by means of the most innovative cosmetic ingredients on the market, has an advanced facial skincare of anti-ageing, hydrating, specific care for sensitive skin, combination skin, basic care… that adapts to your skin’s needs.

Germaine de Capuccini by its luxury facial treatments created a revolutionary new treatment method that uses specific, luxury agents and treatment methods, require professional experience. For each step of the tratment, the required active substences are in  mono-dose packages (one step one dose of agent eg. vials). The active substences built on one another, get into the skin step by step (the agents are not removed). During the treatment, we care of manuality and pampering. Combining the best in products with relaxing protocols and massage therapies providing much more than a standard treatment, – simply try our prescriptive approach and you’ll be back for more!