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Dissolve under the intuitive touch of our professional, caring natured therapists and let your dream of SPA begin!

Treatment Philosophy

by Mandala:

Mandala Day Spa was established to provide a magical escape from the tiring days and tribulations of everyday life. During the treatments you can forget about your problems and find yourself in peace and harmony in such a luxurious environment that has only existed in your dreams before.

In Mandala Day Spa, we redefined the meaning of body massages. Our principle is the pure art of touch. We provide body rituals which incorporate techniques from all over the holistic world and which are performed by using selected and top quality materials. The caring and pampering experience starts with the booking, when our professional staff helps you select the most suitable treatment personalised only for you. Our body treatments not only offer physical recreation, but they also ensure that you will become spiritually relaxed and refreshed as well.




by Germaine de Capuccini:

Enter the Germaine de Capuccini SPA World. It is a place to discover the most incredible and unique sensations, where mind, body and spirit can enjoy memorable and pleasant experiences. It offers an exquisite range of products with exceptional rituals, facials and massages, a combination providing an exceptional sense of well-being and a fabulous selection of treatments based on the uniqueness of the prime spa products of the luxurious Spanish company Germaine de Capuccini. The purpose of the Germaine de Capuccini massages is to pamper your entire body and awaken your soul and spirit. During these treatments we use outstanding massage techniques and selected exotic components to provide a special spa experience.