LED mask additional treatment

LED mask additional treatment
20min: 15000HUF

It can only be chosen in addition to facial treatment as an accessory. With Orient Premium Beauty Membership you can enjoy 100% discount on add-on treatments.

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The LED mask initiates self-regeneration processes in the deeper layers of the skin under the influence of polarized light, which has a cell-regenerating effect. Recommended for anti-age treatments, to reduce inflammation after facial cleansing and for acne / rosacea skin, eczema, psoriasis and inflammatory skin caused by sunburn.

It can be incorporated into any of our facials.

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Red light Increased blood flow and collagen productionIt helps in tissue repair (replacement of old skin cells with new ones) and pore reduction

Green light  Helps balance pigment coloraccelerates skin regeneration and reduces greasiness

Blue light Soothing, anti-inflammatorydestroys skin bacteria

Yellow light Energizes the skin, helps reduce wrinkles, balances pigment color and smoothes the skin

Purple light Suitable for acne-prone skin. Helps increase cell energy and improves metabolism

White light Helps to improve skin firmness and tissue metabolism