EyeCell treatment by Genosys

EyeCell treatment by Genosys
60 min: 36000HUF
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The skin around the eyes is thin and sensitive. all the skin around the eyes moves a lot in relation to other parts of the face, it participates in facial expressions. For this reason, this area of ​​the face shows signs of aging first. Skin problems around the eyes are diverse and complex: fine lines and wrinkles, circles under the eyes, corners of the eyes, dryness can develop. These symptoms do not appear separately, but usually at the same time.
Due to its complexity, the best way to treat skin problems around the eyes is to choose the right treatment method and provide the right active ingredient for the skin.


EYE ROLLERSpecial Serum for eye rollerimproving deep wrinkles. dark circlesunder eye puffiness

STEP 2: EyeCell EYE PEPTIDE GEL PATCH Soothes and moisturizes the skinimproving under eye puffiness, helps to tightness the undereye.

STEP 3: EyeCell EYE CONTOUR CREAMDaily eye zone care cream, improving crow's feetdark circle and under eye pufffines



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EyeCell is an eye contour care system composed of growth factors, plant stem cell extracts and biopeptides, providing the best possible effect on dark circles, bags and wrinkles, especially in combination with the specially developed eye contour roller. Bags✓Machine legs ✓ Dark circles Fine lines ✓ Pigmentation ✓ Dehydration, thinned skin ✓ Puffy eyes✓