Orient Program

Orient Program

WORKSHOPS - Spiritual rejuvenation
The special location of the Mandala Orient Holistic Center & Event Space is ideal for professional workshops, company trainings and cooking classes.  Learning often takes a lot of time and concentrated attention, so it is worth closing the courses with a pleasant bath or spa experience. Thus, not only mental but also physical and spiritual refreshment is guaranteed.

YOGA AND MEDITATION - Everything in its entirety
The Mandala Orient Holistic Center & Event Space is committed to a holistic approach. We consider it important to look at man as a whole, as a complete system, and to provide physical-mental rejuvenation to all participants and organizers in our programs.

 CONCERT AND LIVE SHOW - Special visual and musical experiences
Unique and exotic atmosphere paired with professional sound and lighting technology. Our spaces are also open for concerts, music programs and shows (only during certain periods, with limited noise levels). Special musical projects can also be carried out in the space connecting the spa. The palette will soon be expanded with silent disco equipment and a catwalk over the pool (20 x 1.6 m).




SAUNA RITUALS  - Strong Stress Relife and detoxification


This is an intensive sauna technique, during which the sauna masters use various tools.
With the help of towels, fans and other devices, they move the warm air inside the sauna in a personalized way.
This way, they achieve effective sweating, thus detoxification. Our body produces endorphins when we feel shivers caused by heat. 
We make the experience a true recreational experience with high-quality essential oils,
plants, smoke essences, suitable background music, sound therapy,
and the possibility of skin care and vascular exercise between programs.
Sauna rituals can only be visited in sauna sheets or sauna clothes.
The sauna program has limited seats. We can comfortably accommodate 15 people at the same time in the sauna.
The entrance fee includes the use of the entire wellness area, a fruit bowl, refreshments and the three sauna programs.
We provide the use of a private dressing room, 2 sauna sheets, toiletries and slippers.