Tantrikus Valentin Program

Tantrikus Valentin Program
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Would you like to spend a truly unique, memorable evening with your partner, and be harmonized on all the energetic levels; body, spirit and soul?

If the answer is YES, then we have the perfect Valentine's program for you . A unique experience is guaranteed. 


1. Intimacy Deepening Valentine's Day Tantra Program for Couples 

2.Enticing Aphrodisiacal Menu by Varga Istvan (Raw Chef) 

3.Spiritual Valentine's Bath Experience


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We give thanks in different ways.  Everyone can relate to their highest “self".


During the practice:


You and your partner should wear comfortable lightweight clothing, possibly a swimsuit with a wrap. You will both sit on a yoga mat.


Once you both are present in the “here and now,” you will begin to immerse yourselves in the ancient traditions of TANTRA. 

You will take part in embracing, breathing, and touch exercises with you partner.

These will be very easy, intimate and loving, pair exercises without touching private parts


After tantra there will be an enticing aphrodisiacal menu prepared by our special chef Varga Istvan 

István always makes amazing oriental fusion vegan dishes. This time, he will also use a lot of aphrodisiacs and exquisite ingredients   in the menu for the perfect Valentine outcome.

Some of the ingredients on the menu: lotus root, saffron, cocoa beans, silk tofu, long pepper, tonka beans, rose water, ashwagandha, shiitake mushrooms, ceremonial quality matcha


The evening, and the spiritual journey will continue within the 600 square meter area of Mandala Bath!

There are 4 pools, a Jacuzzi for 10 people, a steam room for 8 people, and a sauna for 12 people; where the 5 sensory experiences help you to achieve physical and mental renewal, inner peace and harmony step by step.