Sauna Session

Sauna Session
Sauna Session Full Program 4 hours: 0HUF

If you book Mandala Day Spa Treatment, you may enjoy sauna program at the discounted price -HUF

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Coming Soon.. you can participate in different magical sauna rituals 3 times a week at the Mandala Day Spa!

This is an intensive sauna technique, during which the sauna masters (Coming Soon) use various tools. With the help of towels, fans and other devices, they move the warm air inside the sauna in a personalized way.
This way, they achieve effective sweating, thus detoxification. Our body produces endorphins when we feel shivers caused by heat. We make the experience a true recreational experience with high-quality essential oils, plants, smoke essences, suitable background music, sound therapy, and the possibility of skin care and vascular exercise between programs. Sauna rituals can only be visited in sauna sheets or sauna clothes. The sauna program has limited seats. We can comfortably accommodate 15 people at the same time in the sauna. The entrance fee includes the use of the entire wellness area, a fruit bowl, refreshments and the three sauna programs. We provide the use of a private dressing room, 2 sauna sheets, toiletries and slippers.

Dear guest,

Due to the limited availability, we invite you to reserve your place in advance.

To guarantee your reservation, you may use the bank details below. 
ERSTE Bank Hungary ZRT, Spa Operator Kft.
IBAN: HU57 116 00 00 60 00 00 00 07 86 17 597
After the transfer, we ask you to forward the information to:  orientevent@mandaladayspa.hu
+36 1 491 0078

Friday - 20:00 - 23:00 Naturist evening - the entire pool area and the sauna (optional)

20:00 - Rrelaxing program, low intensity

21:00 - Popular program, medium intensity

22:00 - Self awareness program, high intensity



Saturday - 16:00-20:00 - the pool area can only be used in a swimsuit

17:00 - Rrelaxing program, low intensity

18:00 - Beauty program, medium intensity

19:00 - Ice program, high intensity


Sunday - 13:00-16:00 - the pool area can only be used in a swimsuit

13:00 - Rrelaxing program, low intensity

14:00 - Relaxing program, medium intensity

15:00 - Relaxing program, high intensity