Sauna Session

Sauna Session
Sauna Session Full Program 4 hours: 13900HUF

Naturist Sanua evenings every Friday at a fixed time

This is an intensive sauna technique in which the sauna masters, with the help of different tools such as towels, fans and other tools, move the warm air inside the sauna in a personalized way.

This helps to achieve effective sweating and thus detoxification. When you feel the shiver of heat, your body produces endorphins.

We make the experience a truly recreational one with high quality essential oils, plants, smoke ripples, appropriate music, sound therapy, skin care and a blood massage between programmes.



Three sauna programmes

The complete wellness area

Refreshing fruit platter and teas

Two sauna towels

Our Orient Room treat, where you can enjoy more relaxation and free use of yoga mats

Important note: the sauna and pool area are naturist during the event.



Space is limited (36 people!), so you should register as soon as possible! You can easily do this by following the links below:


 For larger numbers, we will organise a double enema


4-hour bath entrance with sauna sheet

12-15 minute sauna programme 

 20:00-23:00 (arrival at the spa from 19:00)

The price for the evenings is 13.900 Ft

A 10% discount on the price of a sauna session is given to guests who have had a treatment beforehand.

If you have already bought a ticket to the spa, the additional ticket for the sauna ritual costs 4.500 HUF.



Friday sauna session FB event: 






Dates in March: 

04.05., 04.19.

For questions about the sauna, please contact the following e-mail address:





+36 1 491 0078


Friday - 20:00-23:00 naturist evening - the whole pool area and sauna included

20:00 - Relax program, low intensity

21:00 - Popular programme, medium intensity

22:00 - Self-discovery programme, high intensity


Saturday - 15:00-18:00 - pool area is for swimwear only

15:00 - Relax programme, low intensity

16:00 - Beauty programme, medium intensity

17:00 - Ice programme, high intensity


Sunday - 15:00-18:00 - pool area is for swimsuit only.  

15:00 - Rrelax programme, low intensity

16:00 - Beauty programme, medium intensity

17:00 - Ice programme, high intensity