Hungarian Hévíz body wrap

Hungarian Hévíz body wrap
30 minutes: 22500HUF
45 minutes: 32000HUF
60 minutes: 39000HUF
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This treatment starts with a special mud from the Hungarian Lake Hévíz, rubbed all over your body, causing a warming effect on your skin by hot blanket too. 

The heating effect enlarges the capillaries of the skin, its oxygen and nutriment supplies, this way it makes it resistant and it reduces the visible signs of ageing due to environmental effects.

At the same time it helps the absorption of the mud components through the large surface of the skin, therefore if we use it on the whole body the natural peat medicinal mud will assure increased and lasting good general condition.  With its regular usage the natural reventive capacity of the immune system will increase. and during the treatment we escalate detoxification with refreshing foot massage.

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