Get to know Orient Premium Membership

Get to know Orient Premium Membership
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Mandala Beauty Membership

Join the Mandala Premium Beauty program and be part of a wonderful journey!

Our beauty experts compiled a 12 month long special treatment plan to get out the most of your own body.

Combining the newest technologies with our professionals' expertise and your unique needs, we develop a personalized skincare routine and therapy especially for you.

By personal consultations, beauty treatments and by providing the perfect homecare products we will help and guide you through the way to discover your healthier, younger and fresher self.

Everything you need in one package: be our premium member and enjoy all the exceptional benefits of the Mandala Beauty program.


Our programs include:

Professional diagnoses

To make sure that we find the most appropriate treatment for you, we begin with a profound diagnosis of your skin condition, and repeat it monthly to see the improvements during the process.



Personalized treatment

Based on the result of the diagnosis we offer a customized treatment every month including every therapy your skin needs in order to achieve your beauty goals.


 Home care routine

Since your skin needs care every day, we provide you all the additional products and a multifunctional device to maintain your beauty. 

According to the seasonal changes as well, we are waiting for you every third month to consult about the changes your skin needs.


We personalize and offer you customized products, so that you can continue skin care and improvement in your home, too.