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Timexpert Vitamin C+ Facial

Timexpert Vitamin C+ Facial
60 minutes: 39000HUF

Prices are included all inclusive Spa facilities. In case you do not like to use them we offer 20 % discount. (Discount cannot be combined with other discount.)

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Based on the latest research in anti-ageing treatments Germaine de Capuccini takes another step and combines the powerful anti-oxidising action of Vitamin C+ with the “anti-glycation” technology.

A new advanced formulation to specifically work against skin glycation, the main factor in skin ageing. Glycation occurs when an excess of glucose is combined with the collagen & elastin fibres and it sets off the formation of what is called Advanced Glycation End products. These glycosylated proteins accumulate in the cells and destroy the support network of the skin formed by elastin and collagen, that is, glucose overlaps around the collagen and elastin fibres and over time they become rigid and can even break, and they lose their activity. Skin glycation damages the collagen, reduces suppleness, makes tissues sag, forms wrinkles and alters the structure of the skin.  As a consequence, it accelerates the process of skin ageing, (flaccidity, dark spots, dull skin etc.)

Within this line, we use one of nature’s finest Vitamins, – C which when absorbed produces an increase in collagen synthesis, protects the DNA, regulates skin tone. Now included in this line – UME Extract.  Extracted from a type of Japanese Plum that contains twice as much proteins, minerals and fats that other fruit.  It has a powerful anti-glycation effect.  It inhibits the formation of A.G.E.  Accelerates the decomposition of the A.G.E.  It unifies and brightens the skin.  Together, these ingredients provide your skin with all the defences it needs to stay looking younger for longer.


Please, get an appointment for a consultation with our trained beauticinas to help you choosing the best facial for your skin type and specific needs.

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