La Ric First Class Cure pedicure

La Ric First Class Cure pedicure
75 min. pedicure with Spa entrance: 30745HUF
75 min. pedicure without Spa entrance: 24595HUF

Prices are included the 2 hours relaxing time at the tea house and the use of infrasauna inside the changing rooms. In case you do not like to use them we offer 20 % discount. Discount cannot be combined with other discount and no spa rates apply only for single treatment. If you book your Facial with other spa treatments, it is necessary to redeem Spa entrance. In both options entrance to the bath area are avalible for 3900 HUF. Local discount, with Hungarian ID or Mandala Membership card you can enjoy 20% discount.

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75 min

-milk petal aroma feet bath with rose-leaves

-cuticle, callus, dead skin cell and ingrown toenail removal

 -nail filing, shaping and foot peeling

-nail polish/ gel set

-creamy foot massage


 The cure pedicure starts with a short consultation to assess the condition of the legs and locate the problematic parts. Depending on the results our specialist suggests you 75 or 90 minutes treatment.The treatment process is the same in the both cases. During the treatment the technician spends more time with the problematic parts of the feet (in case of ingrown toenail) and pays special attention to them.



Please be note that doing gel set takes more time which will might reduce time from peeling and massage.

  Gel set removal (gel set was made in Mandala Day Spa): FREE

Gel set removal for guests who did their nails in other salon costs 2.500 HUF




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