Face Shiatsu massage

Face Shiatsu massage
20 minutes: 11500HUF
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 This treatment uses a special pressing technique on the face, relieving the face and energizing facial blood flow.

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Shiatsu translates as finger pressure. Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork. This treatment has its origins thousands of years ago in Japan and was more recently formalised into its modern form over a hundred years ago. It draws on much of traditional Chinese knowledge for its theoretical base, using the same meridians and points as in acupuncture and tuina.


Face shiatsu massage


Relieve stress and tension in the face and head area by face Shiatsu massage. In this Japanese massage you will find that the therapist uses finger pressure and the bodies own natural weight to help with the massage.It can also help with the healing process for the nervous system, muscles, circulatory system and the internal secretion process.This form of massage therapy is therefore very similar in nature to that of acupuncture and today it is regarded as a not just a soothing massage technique but it is also seen as a healing practice.


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