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Intense Regenerating Facial with snail protein

Intense Regenerating Facial with snail protein
60 minutes: 65065HUF

Local discount, with Hungarian ID or Mandala Membership card you can enjoy 20% discount. Prices are included the 2 hours relaxing time at the tea house and the use of infrasauna inside the changing rooms. In case you do not like to use them we offer 20 % discount. Discount cannot be combined with other discount and no spa rates apply only for single treatment. If you book your Facial with other spa treatments, it is necessary to redeem Spa entrance. In both options entrance to the bath area are avalible for 3900 HUF.

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Don't miss the opportunity and enjoy the Mandala Spiritual Bath only for 3900.- huf add on your spa treatment 

The Regénération Absolute snail protein facial treatment is based on the basic idea that after a snail injury, it can naturally quickly regenerate damaged skin tissue and its housing. As a result of the products rich in snail protein extract, the dead skin cells leave, the bacteria are killed, the skin layer regenerate more efficiently and quickly. Multidimensional skin renewal is taking place at the same time. The result is excellent, the synthesis of essential proteins is increased, the network of elastic fibers is thickened, the skin is compacted and naturally replenished. The skin tone improves, wrinkle length and depth decrease. The veil mask used during the treatment is supplemented with an LED mask, the active ingredients are even more integrated into the deeper layers of the skin under the influence of polarized light and cell regeneration processes are induced.

Please, get an appointment for a consultation with our trained beauticinas to help you choosing the best facial for your skin type and specific needs. Reservation: +36 1 491 0078, reservation@mandaladayspa.hu 



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