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Needle-Free Mesotherapy

Needle-Free Mesotherapy
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Dr. Derm MEZOFORTE® - needle-free mesotherapy


The upper layer of the skin is the body's most powerful protective layer, which protects our body from external influences therefore doesn't let the surface lubricating cream get down to the deeper layers.


Reference mechanism

Electroporation therapy (needle-free mesotherapy) a revolutionary solution to deliver macromolecular active substances into the deeper layers of skin. During the treatment an electromagnetic field is generated by a rapidly revolving capacitor, creating microscopic-sized holes in the cell membrane. Through these small channels which in milliseconds will close again, substances can be closed in the deeper layers of the skin. The input rate by this method is extremely high, 90%. (By other methods approx. 10% of substances will be delivered.)

This method does not cause damage to the cell membrane and opened channels will also close after the treatment. Substances in this way can remain in the deeper layers of the skin to activate their cellular effects.

Needle-free mesotherapy is more effective than iontophoresis and more efficient than ultratherapy. Even more than needle mesotherapy because in that method the access of the substances is provided in the skin by the healing, cell-stimulating, collagen formation (skin tightening, skin regeneration) effect of the punctures, but cellular material shooting is not implemented.

Moreover, the treatment has no side effects and is completely painless.


Recommended treatment frequency: 2 - 3 times per week. Visible results can be seen after 10 - 15 treatments.


Contraindicated with:




Dermatitis, skin infection (eczema, herpes, fresh tattoos, active acne)

Surgery (within 40 days after surgery)


Active ingredients: clinical grade caffeine, L-carnitine, Asian tiger grass.

The caffeine content helps to disengage the fatty acid from the fatty tissue.

The L-carnitine makes fatty acid burn faster.

The Asian tiger grass extract enhances collagen and elastin production, relieves the symptoms of stretch marks and cellulite, makes the skin more elastic and smooth and the contours become more definite.