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FUOCO IV. body treatment with mesotherapy

FUOCO IV. body treatment with mesotherapy
90 minutes: 37000HUF
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At the beginning of the treatment oils containing different substances are put on different parts of the body. The Lenitive oil is responsible for the relaxation of the body, the Regulatrice oil for the stimulation of the lympatic system, while the Detossinante is important for its detoxifying effect.

On the first step a jelly peeling is used, leaving it under a foil for 10 minutes to let it take effect. The glicol acid contained by the peeling is responsible for the skin rejuvenation, it has anti-aging, detoxifying and oxygen effect. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and increases the capacity of the skin tissue.

On the next step the Intensive concentrate is closed in the deeper layer of the skin with needle-free mesotherapy. This special concentrate includes drosera, caffeine, prolina and manganese extract. It has a fat burning effect, reduces the aesthetic problems caused by cellulite and makes the skin tight.

After a special massage using FUOCO Diorit oil the complex treatment is finished with cold-warm body wrap, leave it to take affect for 20 minutes and then wash it.


The individualized 8 occasion treatment packages (2 occasions per week are recommended) include 10% discount.




Home Care

Between 2 treatments the Vagheggi FUOCO Moonstone body lotion is recommended.

Magic iridescent texture that melts with the heat of the skin sculpting the body with a velvety touch. A blend of active ingredients combined with the force of Diorite minerals and boosted by Drosera fight unsightly cellulite and fat deposits for a newly sculpted body shape. Moonstone, also known as “Aphrodite’s stone”, brings light to this black cream for a compact, radiant, silky skin.


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This innovative body line takes a new approach in the fight against cellulite and fat. The result is an intensive line that activates tissues and shows its first effects in just 4 sessions because it simultaneously combats skin ageing and problems that cause cellulite, localised fat and lack of tone.



Active ingredients:


Caffeine extract, xantin: Xanthine, with an anti-bloating effect (draining action) and stimulating effect on fat mobilisation in the fatty tissue (adipolytic action); it stimulates the adipocyte to “release” the deposited fat.


Carnitine: An amino acid used in its biologically active form, known as a “fat burner”. It helps transport the deposited complex lipids (triglycerides) to the structures where they are burned, in this way accelerating metabolism.


Drosera Rotundifolia: A carnivorous plant, has a slimming and sculpting action.


Quercetine: Flavonoids in a stable form (PATENTED), soluble in the oily phase. Extracted from Sophora japonico, known as the pagoda tree. It mainly works on the micro-circulation, reducing capillary fragility, restoring the normal permeability of vessels, with an anti-oxidant action.


Moonstone: A stone that owes its name to its typical blue and silver reflections.  Ancient civilizations believed it was a piece of the moon or created by the moon’s rays and for this reason they considered it to be a magic object, a talisman. It purifies the body and frees the skin from toxins. 


Diorite: This is an igneous rock, created when volcanic magma cools, rich in minerals like silica, iron, aluminium and manganese, with a remineralising and elasticising action.  


Manganese: It is part of collagen synthesis and indispensable for activity by enzymes that stimulate cell metabolism and those with an anti-free radical effect. Helps to toning and anti-ageing effect.


Proline: An amino acid fundamental for the formation of dermic collagen. Helps to toning and anti-ageing effect.


Capsicum: Commonly known as chilli pepper, capsicum is a plant belonging to the solanaceae family native to the Americas. The fruit of the chilli plant contains capsaicin, which activates the metabolism, helps to increase the elasticity of capillaries and improves blood circulation. It is rich in A, E, C-vitamin.


Menthol: Cyclodextrins are cyclic oligosaccharides derived from starch using biotechnology that give controlled release of menthol; the latter causes initial vasoconstriction followed by vasodilation.