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60 minutes: 19800HUF
75 minutes: 24750HUF
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This Japanese massage combines the traditional and oriental techniques with modern methods. The main goal of the Yumeiho therapy is to correct the position of the pelvic bone. The therapist uses special streching and rocking movements combined with compressive technique on the meridians. During the therapy the customer wears casual clothes and lying on the mattress on the floor.


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Yumeiho - Modern remedy of the Far East 


Yumeiho massage and massage therapy is originated in Japan. The therapy itself was invented by Otsuki Masayuki, also known as Saioni Masayuki, a japanese therapist, who studied Oriental manual healing methods, ancient Japanese and Chinese healing methods for years. He was licensed as a Master of Shiatsu massage therapy in 1983, shortly afterwards, he opened his own practise, published many books about the methodology of the therapy. Thanks to his devoted work, Yumeiho started to be popular not only within the country's borders, but in the USA and Europe as well.


One session lasts 60 or 75 minutes - depending on the condition of the patient's - where the therapist uses more then 100 combination of different techniques, including compression, kneading, stretching elements, correction and balancing methods of posture, and joint mobilization. Thanks to the movements it helps to correct the slips of the bones or joints, and through the acupressure it’s stimulates the body’s selfhealing proccedures. The therapy is performed on the floor, the therapist and the costumer both wear thin clothes, in order to facilitate the movements.


Benefits of Yumeiho:

- has a  beneficial effect over nerves and muscles

- restores the elasticity of the muscles and the movement of all the articulations

- reduce hip- joint- knee- ankle pain

- can treat shoulder and back ache

- Yumeiho can faciliate the healing of internal organs like: liver, stomach, intestines, heart, pancreas, kidneys