Vinotherapy by Vinoble

Vinotherapy by Vinoble
75 minutes massage and peeling: 45500HUF
60 minutes massage and 20 minutes private bath: 65500HUF
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As the name suggests, Vinoble cosmetics harness the highly concentrated active ingredients of grapes for maximum effectiveness. The antioxidants, particularly abundant in grape seeds, protect the skin from premature aging. OPC, the miracle anti-aging treatment, binds free radicals that damage cells. The oil extracted from cold-pressed red grape seeds is rich in bioactive antioxidants, linoleic acid, and bioflavonoids.

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Exclusive relaxation with the Vinoble product line.



The positive health effects of grape seed oil:


Protects the heart and circulatory system
Strengthens blood vessels
Reduces cholesterol levels
Stimulates brain function
Has anti-inflammatory properties
Inhibits aging
Regenerates hair follicles when applied to the scalp


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Grape seed body scrub
Grape seed oil massage
Grap seed oil bath